Instagram is the fastest-growing social network, beating Facebook and Snapchat combined!
But it is a pain to use... 
In the past six months I added 12,598 followers to my Instagram account. That growth has led to an enormous increase in my podcast listeners, I've added over 3,000 prospects to my database and generated thousands of dollars in sales. 
But... it was a pain. We had to manually do *everything*. The time it takes was beginning to get really expensive. 
I started looking into automation tools to help my team keep doing the activities that are growing my audience, because it was taking so long! Unfortunately Buffer, HootSuite and other popular software products just didn't provide the toolset we needed to maximize our Instagram presence. 
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I Couldn't Find An Automation or a Scheduling Tool that Worked...
So I set out to solve the problem... 
Introducing "IG-EZ" - my brand new software platform specifically created to help entrepreneurs with their Instagram marketing tasks! 
Check out what we have in our current version
  • Schedule posts to your Instagram account (single images, carousel images, and videos) in a batch! IG-EZ posts for you, no reminders or notifications.
  •  Schedule stories on your Instagram account (use photos or videos)! IG-EZ posts for you, set it and forget it!
  •  Save your "hashtag cloud" so that you can copy them on all future posts with a single click! 
  •  Re-use photos and videos that you've posted before!
  •  Watermark all of the images you upload with your logo (your logo will be located in the same spot on all of your photos - no image editing required)!
Here's a quick demo:
We didn't stop with the basics. 
This is not just a scheduling tool... check this out!!
Schedule Posts
You can schedule posts with single images, carousel posts and videos! Oh, and you can also schedule a comment to be posted with your account! (Did you know that carousel posts get the highest engagement?) 

IG-EZ posts for you, no reminders!
Story Board - Stories Made EZ
Stories are one of the best ways to become familiar with your audience... but they can be such a pain to post! Our software schedules out the story posts... which you can post one right after the other to make a 'story board'! How cool is that?  IG-EZ does not give you reminders for your stories, our software creates  your stories for you at the designated time - set it and forget it!
Save Hashtag Clouds
Hashtags are a critical piece to your marketing puzzle, but it's annoying to have to copy and paste them every time. NO MORE! Using our "Saved" feature, you can select your saved hashtag clouds and apply them to your new post or the first comment! 

When you sign up for IG-EZ, we will also include a link to an app that helps you find the best hashtags for your business! 
Favorite Posts Library
We also have our standard, favorite posts that we like to use over-and-over again. We built our software so that it includes a "library" of media that you've used. All of your previous media is available to add to your next post with a click - it's so easy to use!
What Are You Getting When You Sign Up?
vip access to your own ig-ez account
exclusive invite to OUR online COMMUNITY
free e-book to help you master instagram
lifetime membership to our course "Instagram stories 101
link to DOWNLOAD THE "HASHTAGS for experts" mobile APP
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VIP ACCESS to our new software
free e-book
lifetime membership to instagram stories 101
link to DOWNLOAD THE "HASHTAGS for experts" APP
Our goal was to create an Instagram marketing tool that helped us save time, avoid errors and use all of the most powerful Instagram features available. Once we created it, we knew that we had to open it up to our clients! 

Last but not least, you need to be able to see what is working and what's not. When you log in, you'll be able to see the statistics of your latest posts

IG-EZ saves you time, makes you money and is available on any device at any time. You're going to see an immediate impact in your posting consistency.

You get all that... and you can sign up for only $97 for a year-long subscription.

What are you waiting for? 

If you don't like it, we'll refund your payment and you won't owe us a dime. We're taking all of the risk! 

Sign up now! 
When You Join IG-EZ, You Get...
  • Access to the BRAND NEW software to automate your Instagram marketing
  •  NEW: The ability to schedule your Story posts on Instagram
  •  NEW: Schedule your posts *and* the first comment on your new posts
  •  NEW: Save and store your "hashtag clouds" so that you can add them easily to all of your posts
  •  NEW: Add a watermark graphic to all of your posts
  •  24/7 Support in our Facebook Group, in case you get stuck
  •  Content Ideas for marketing your business on Instagram
  •  Access to community of like-minded entrepreneurs to encourage and help you
  •  Video training on how to use IG-EZ
When You Purchase The Annual Plan, You Also Get...
  • Alex’s new e-book: 20 Instagram Marketing Strategies
  •  Exclusive Access to a private workshop with Alex and other members of the IG-EZ team to help you master the software and develop an Instagram marketing plan!
  •  Lifetime access to the digital course, "Instagram Stories 101"
100% Guaranteed
If IG-EZ doesn't show you exactly how to get more clients... if it doesn't take you by the hand, step-by-step to save time... or if it fails to help you grow your Instagram profile, then you will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!

The price for our annual VIP plan is $97. When you purchase the VIP plan, you get IG-EZ for an entire year, and you also get all of the bonuses. 

There is a $7, month-to-month option for IG-EZ...but you DON'T get the bonuses.
To your success,
- Alex Branning
P.S. Put the power of “IG-EZ”to work for you so you can quickly and easily get more clients, save time, and grow your Instagram profile! You get access to my new software for 12 months, my new e-book, lifetime access to my insta-story digital course and video training for IG-EZ... all for only $97.00!
frequently asked questions
There are very few things that IG-EZ cannot do. We can post single image, carousel, and video posts. Our "Story" scheduler can post story graphics and videos at designated times. The captions (and comment) can include emojis, hashtags and can tag other users.
IG-EZ is an automation tool that logs in as you, and uses human-like timing to perform the selected tasks on your behalf (create a new post, write a comment, add a story, etc). Our tool will not have any impact on the organic reach of your posts since Instagram will recognize it as you.
Our team is constantly on the look-out within our online community, and can be reached anytime via email. 
If you have any more questions feel free to email us at:
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